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UK Government’s BBC panel lacks a voice for Wales

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have blasted the UK Conservative Government for failing to have a Welsh representative on its panel working on the renewal of the BBC's royal charter.

The UK Culture Secretary today launched a Green Paper on the BBC’s future, saying the Government will ask ‘hard questions’ about the size of the BBC.

The BBC announced last week that it will implement a programme of job cuts as a consequence of a £150m funding shortfall next year.  Aside from news and sport, BBC Wales will only be able to offer an hour a week of Wales specific English language programming.

The UK Government has also confirmed that the BBC’s grant to S4C may be reduced by an equivalent percentage reduction in funding to the percentage.

Peter Black, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Culture Minister said:

“With the Tories in Government on their own, it seems they are on mission to declare war on the BBC – that is bad news for audiences in Wales.

“It’s typical of this Tory Government that its panel is predominately London-centric and doesn’t include a representative who knows Welsh circumstances.

“It’s frankly not good enough that, aside from news and sport, BBC Wales will only be able to offer an hour a week of English language programming, made in Wales, for Welsh audiences. 

“The Welsh Lib Dems will fight to secure the future of S4C. Our party played a key role in securing S4C’s current settlement and we can’t let the Tories undo this good work.”

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