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Neath Port Talbot Council undermine their own £730,000 wheelie bin initiative

A regional Assembly Member has raised further concerns about the decision of Neath Port Talbot Council to spend £730,000 on smaller wheelie bins after it transpired that restrictions on the amount of rubbish to be collected will not be imposed on residents, even though that was the rationale for the expenditure.

Peter Black, who is he Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West was responding to a letter from the council which confirmed that they are not imposing any restriction on the amount of waste that can be put out for disposal. They say that if the new smaller bins become full then additional waste can be left in bags at the side and they will be taken away.

"This latest twist in the tale is astonishing," said Mr. Black, "as it brings into question the whole rationale for the expenditure of this huge sum of money in the first place. The council have systematically replaced every wheelie bin in the county borough with the intention of reducing the amount of waste they collect and yet they are carrying on as normal.

"I questioned this expenditure at the time as not being supported by the evidence and suggested that it would lead to more fly-tipping. Now it appears that the £730,000 that was spent on the replacement bins might as well have been landfilled itself for all the good it will do."

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