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Local listing essential to ensure the future of our past

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West Peter Black is calling on the Welsh Government to make local listing statutory to ensure local assets are protected for future generations.

Mr Black said:-

"Communities across Wales have their own local historic buildings or structures that have important aspects of social, economic, cultural or military history that need to be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

"I believe it is essential to list and protect our local assets, so future generations can enjoy the significance of our history. This is essential as the forthcoming Heritage Bill aims to ensure the future of our past.

"Assets of community history need to be maintained so that the local sense of identity can be passed on. At the moment Local Authorities can choose to locally list buildings, so your community identity is dependent on your council. Local lists should be statutory so that all communities across Wales can place a marker on the assets in their area that make the community theirs.

"Local listing needs to carry weight so that assets can be protected. Communities can be left distraught when a local historic asset is demolished or renovated beyond recognition. Local assets need to be listed and its meaning made clear. Developers need to be aware of what can or can't be done to an asset. It is essential that any redevelopment allows the asset to maintain its local essence."

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