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Lib Dems the only party who would deliver fair funding, no strings attached

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that would deliver fair funding for Wales with no strings attached, Peter Black has said today.

In a debate in the Assembly, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for fair funding for Wales.

Recognising that the Holtham Commission found that the Barnett Formula underfunds Wales by some £300 million per year, the Welsh Lib Dems have called for Wales to be funded fairly and for the Welsh Government to work with the UK Government to update Holtham’s analysis, entrench a Barnett floor, and increase the block grant to an equitable level – this will ensure fair funding for Wales.

WelshLiberal Democrat Finance Shadow Minister Peter Black AM said "We have repeatedly set out the steps we need to take to ensure fair funding for Wales. The other parties have no clear plan for fair funding.

"The Conservatives say different things in different manifestos –  we still have no idea which one will become the Conservative Government’s policy, and the Tories here in Wales must answer.

"Plaid’s solution is to abandon a funding formula altogether and instead engage on a free-for-all bidding war with Scotland. That is an approach which Gerry Holtham himself has said is a strange demand from a party that ultimately wants independence. Their hero-worship of the SNP prevents them from trying to get the best deal from Wales.

"Labour has no clear plan. A fuzzy commitment to fair funding is all well and good, but it is only the LibDems who have clearly set out the steps we would take to ensure fair funding for Wales.

"It is only the Liberal Democrats who would introduce fair funding for Wales – no strings attached."

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