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Welsh voice must be at the heart of BBC, say Welsh Lib Dems

A specific Welsh voice must exist at the very top of the BBC, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said, as discussions continue over its future management structure.

The House of Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which does not have a Liberal Democrat member, recommended that the current BBC Trust be abolished in favour of a board of executive and non-executive directors.

The Committee’s report also recommended that "regional and national issues should be dealt with by the board collectively, not via specific director appointments," effectively ruling out a specific Welsh voice on the new board.

Peter Black AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture and Media Minister, said:

"With devolved government in Wales becoming ever more prominent, now is not the time to start rolling back on Wales’ involvement at the highest level of the BBC. I don’t trust in the ability of an entire board to make decisions in the best interests of Wales without a guaranteed Welsh voice as part of that process.

"Whether a trust or a board, Wales needs a specific voice appointed by the Welsh Government to ensure Wales is respected across the BBC. It’s incredibly disappointing that this Commons committee seems unable to recognise that."

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