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Assembly Member supports report on horse welfare in Swansea

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has welcomed a new report: ‘Round and Round : Tethered horses in Swansea’ and has called on Swansea Council to take action to implement its recommendation of a more proactive approach to managing the problem.

Produced by Friends of Swansea Horses, the report documents the significant harm to the welfare of horses tethered on public spaces across Swansea.  It also highlights the harm tethered horses cause to local communities, their amenity spaces and the risk to traffic.


The report has been circulated to all Councillors, requesting that a cross-party working group is set up to develop effective policy on horse tethering, horse management and horse welfare in Swansea. 


Mr Black said: “This report details the shocking horse welfare issue but also highlights the harm to our local communities. Residents are caused distress, residents are prevented from using local amenity spaces and areas are blighted by this activity.  Tethered horses are also a risk to traffic, can damage vehicles and endanger the people travelling within them.  This cannot continue.   


“The cost of dealing with tethering and its consequences are high and is a constant drain on council resources.  The report identifies that so far Swansea Council’s response has been largely reactive but that this needs to change. They say that there is an urgent need to set up a multi-agency forum that meets regularly to fully assess the situation, appraise the costs caused and to identify effective solutions with horse welfare paramount in all considerations.


“I fully support that approach. We need an updated and informed Council policy on how we respond to and manage illegally grazed horses including seeking advice from other authorities which have had success in addressing these issues. I hope that the Council will take note of this report and act on it.”

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