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Assembly Member congratulates #CwtchtheBid team on maginificent effort

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black, has expressed his disappointment at the failure of Swansea Bay to win its bid to become City of Culture 2017, but has heaped praise on those who put the bid together and took so us so close to winning

"The bid for City of Culture was an impressive and imaginative team effort that really highlighted everything thatSwansea Bay has to offer," said Mr. Black. "I am proud of the way that the bid put Swansea Bay on the map for many people around the UK, of the way that it so strongly featured the rich and diverse culture available in the region and of the way it proved that Swansea Bay can compete on a world stage with all-comers.

"Obviously, I want to congratulate Hull on winning their bid, but Swansea Bay has given notice that they will be building on the work that went into their submission to develop still further our cultural offering and to use that as part of a regeneration process in our poorest communities. Today's announcement is does not have to be the end, but if we do this properly, the beginning of something bigger for Wales' City of Culture."

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