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AM says that monthly black bag collections is a step too far in Bridgend

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black criticised Bridgend Council for considering monthly black bag collections in Bridgend.

Mr. Black was responding to a consultation currently being carried out by the council that would see residents having to store their non-recyclable waste longer before it is collected. The council argue that the change will help them meet their recycling targets, but Mr. Black says that the proposal is more about saving money and that it will cause huge environmental problems.


“We have already seen statistics that show a 58% increase in fly-tipping in the county borough since 2012,” said Mr, Black. “I believe that reducing the frequency of black bag collection to monthly will see a bigger increase in fly-tipping and a big rise in incidents with rats and other vermin.


“The advantage to the council of this change is that they can save money on collection, landfill tax and also in processing the waste. But they need to provide evidence that monthly collections will actually cut the amount of waste going to landfill.


“My view is that the council need to do more to increase recycling rates, rather than adopt such a punitive waste collection regime. I accept that they have targets and that if they do not meet them then they will incur fines, but other councils have met these targets without resorting to less frequent waste collections. Should Bridgend Council not be learning from them rather than making life more difficult for its citizens.”

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