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AM joins opposition to Llangyfelach methane test drilling site

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has added his voice to protestors objecting to an application for planning permission to test drill for coal bed methane in Llangyfelach

The application, from Pyle-based company UK Methane, is for an exploratory 1000m test borehole on a site adjacent to Bryntywod, Llangyfelach using two drilling rigs. In a letter to the Council, Mr. Black has formally objected to the planning application.

Mr Black said:- "I am opposed to the extraction of coal bed methane as it causes similar environmental problems as the extraction of shale gas, including disposal of waste water, and potential pollution of groundwater sources.

"Indeed, as coal bed methane extraction takes place at a much shallower depth than shale gas extraction, the risk is greater.

"Communities living near coal bed methane extraction sites in Australia have complained of respiratory rashes and irritated eyes.

"The long-term health impacts could be more severe; research from the USA has found that people living less than half a mile from unconventional gas wells have a higher excess lifetime risk for cancer, based on their exposure to air pollutants.

"That is why, in addition to objecting to this application, I have also written to the Minister for Natural Resources asking him to treat all applications for coal bed methane extraction in Wales in the same way as applications to extract shale gas are treated, by calling them in and deciding on them at Welsh Government level."

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