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“Plaid jumping on the bandwagon” over local government settlement

Reacting to Plaid’s announcement regarding the local government settlement that unfairly punishes rural areas, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Local Government Minister Peter Black AM said:

"If Plaid really cared about an unfair funding settlement for rural local authorities, why didn’t they engage constructively with Welsh Government Ministers immediately when the settlement was announced weeks ago?

"The truth is simple: while the Welsh Lib Dems have spoken several times with Ministers about this issue and worked with them to address it, Plaid have done very little aside from sniping from the sidelines.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats announced last month that we will not support this local government settlement without a grant to mitigate the unfair cuts handed to rural councils under Labour’s plans.

"If rural councils do end up with a fairer deal than the current proposals then it’ll be down to the hard work of Welsh Lib Dem AMs, not Plaid jumping on the bandwagon at the eleventh hour."



The Welsh Liberal Democrats announced on 18th December 2015 their intention to vote against the Welsh Government’s local government settlement unless a rural grant was introduced to address the unfair cuts handed to rural authorities.

Since then the party has engaged constructively with Welsh Government Ministers on the issue. As of 5th January, no other party had met with the Finance Minister to discuss the local government settlement.

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