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'Leanne Wood needs to show leadership over candidate's offensive views'

Leanne Wood has been called on to demand a full public apology from her Ceredigion candidate Mike Parker, after he labelled rural mid Wales as a "safe-haven" for "gun-toting Final Solution crackpots". The Cambrian News reports that he added: "many English migrants into rural Wales are out-and-out racists."

Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black said:

"Leanne Wood needs to show some leadership and demand a full public apology from her candidate.  Either he withdraws these remarks or else she needs to explain whether he is representing Plaid Cymru policy.  His offensive views shouldn’t just be swept under the carpet.

"So far, Mr Parker has refused to apologise for the offensive language that he used.  Even now he is defending his views as ‘valid’.  They are not valid, they are simply offensive."

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