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“Homophobic bullying report shows Welsh Labour Government approach isn’t working”

Commenting on the report from Stonewall Cymru that homophobic bullying is still a major issue in schools in Wales, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Equalities Minister said:

"It is a sad reflection of life in today’s schools that the prevalence of homophobic bullying is so high: 87% of secondary school teachers say homophobic bullying happens in their school and 85% of school staff have not received specific training on how to tackle homophobic bullying.

"This report shows that the Welsh Labour Government’s bullying guidance just isn’t working.

"If, as this report suggests, a third of teachers hear homophobic language from other school staff, then serious questions must be asked about how well-equipped schools are to deal with situations where young people are experiencing systematic bullying because of their sexuality.

"I welcome the fact that Stonewall Cymru is putting a programme in place to help address the bullying, but the Welsh Labour Government must take a much more assertive stance in order to turn policy promises into reality".

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