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Welsh Liberal Democrats speak out to eliminate violence against women

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Members have spoken out against the violence that women and girls  suffer daily in this country. 


As part of a ‘Welsh Women’s Aid’ campaign, South Wales West Assembly Member, Peter Black joined the others in writing a pledge of things they intent to do to support women and try and put a stop to this violence. 


Mr. Black said:


“It’s appalling that one woman is killed every 2.5 days in England and Wales through suspected male violence.  We must do all that we can to put an end to this.


“The Welsh Lib Dems want future generations to be educated about healthy relationships, so they know that violence against women and girls is unacceptable. In particular, we want Perpetrator Programmes established to help people improve their behaviour and relationships, therefore breaking the vicious cycle of domestic abuse.


“We will be supporting the forthcoming legislation that will go some way to protect and support those who suffer from violence and prevent it happening in the first place.  We will be using our role as Assembly Members to ensure the Bill is improved to ensure it fulfils its aim. 


“I urge anyone experiencing domestic or sexual violence to call the free, confidential and bilingual helpline that is available on: 08088010800”.

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