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Welsh Lib Dems to deliver safe nurse staffing levels

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West Peter Black has welcomed the fact that Wales will now become the first country in Europe to introduce safe staffing levels after the National Assembly voted in favour of Welsh Lib Dem Leader Kirsty Williams’ ‘More Nurses’ Bill.

The Bill will see Wales become the first part of Europe with a legal duty to have sufficient nurse staffing levels on hospital wards. Over 4,500 members of the public have signed petitions in support of the Bill which, which will receive the Royal Assent in March.

Kirsty’s name was drawn out of a ballot for the chance to introduce her own law in December 2013.

Mr Black said:

"This is fantastic news for our local hospitals in Swansea, Port Talbot, and Bridgend.

"The reasons for our More Nurses Bill are very simple: nurses who have fewer patients to care for can spend more time with each patient. As a result, they can provide better, safer care.

"With all the bad headlines the Welsh NHS has had over the past few years, I am pleased that the Welsh Liberal Democrats have delivered this good news.

"Just this week the Welsh Liberal Democrats have delivered over £200m for our schools, 5,000 apprenticeships and now we have delivered on a law to ensure safe nurse staffing levels in our hospitals."

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