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Welsh Lib Dem AM calls on Health Minister to tackle poor waiting times at Morriston A&E

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has challenged Welsh Health Ministers to sort out waiting times at Morriston’s Accident and Emergency Department, which are delaying ambulances getting to patients in good time.

Speaking in the Senedd today, Mr. Black pointed out to the Deputy Health Minister that Morriston currently has the worst accident and emergency waiting times in Wales with only 61% of patients being seen within four hours against a target of 95%. Only 84% of patients there are seen within 8 hours, whilst 93.1% are seen within 12 hours.


This performance has a direct impact on ambulance waiting times as many ambulances are kept waiting outside the hospital to discharge their patients. Only 61% of category A calls in Swansea saw an ambulance get to the patient within 8 minutes last month, down on the April performance. The target is 75%.


“This performance is unacceptable and undermines the good work of hard-working and skilled medical professionals in Morriston Hospital and on ambulances,” said Mr. Black. “We have already seen one of the consequences locally with a 71 year old woman waiting 3 hours for an ambulance because all available vehicles were waiting to deliver their patients at Morrriston.


“These performance figures need to be turned around quickly and I am looking to the health board and to the Welsh Government to put in place increases in capacity and other measures to deal with them.”

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