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Welsh Labour Government white paper is trying to limit voters options at the ballot box says Assembly Member

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Local Government Spokesperson, Peter Black has voiced his concern at the white paper issued today: Reforming Local Government: Power to Local People. 

The white paper suggests that Councillors and Senior Officials should only be allowed to stand for two terms.

Mr. Black said: "I am shocked by the direction the Welsh Labour Government is taking.  The white paper is suggesting the exact opposite of its intention.  You are not giving power to local people if you are taking away their right to vote for who they want to represent them, by excluding people from standing for election. 

"The Welsh Government has spent the last decade trying to build up good experience in Local Government.  Term limits on Councillors and Chief Executives will lose all that experience and is potentially destabilising.

"It is absurd and illiberal to restrict people from standing.  It should be the voters deciding who can represent them, not the Welsh Labour Government.  We should be doing the opposite: trying to encourage more people to stand for election, so the voters have more, not less choice. 

"Limiting the terms of councillors would result in some popular councillors being forced to step down against the wishes of the people they represent.   We are a democracy, it should be up to the electorate to decide whether their councillor continues to represent them. 

"If the Welsh Government was playing by its own rules, then we’ll soon be expecting term limits for Assembly Members and that the First Minister will be stepping aside after the election.  However, I presume that will not be happening. In which case, this is plain wrong."

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