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We need action not an Action Plan says Assembly Member

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has expressed his concern at the lack of diagnostic consultants in Wales for those on the autistic spectrum.

Mr Black asked the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services what provision she is making for diagnosis and support for those on the autistic spectrum.  The deputy minister informed the Assembly that an advisory groupwere refreshing an action plan with a task & finish group specifically to look at children's diagnostics. 

"Children and their families do not need another action plan" said Mr Black. "They need action. Children are not getting a diagnosis so are not receiving the support they need from health services. They are not being statemented so are falling through the education system. These children end up burdening Social Services. With the right support they wouldn't be there. 

"We have a severe shortage of children's specialist consultants in both autism and mental health.  Children aren't receiving the support they need.  The effect on the children and their families is devastating, as well as causing additional costs for the local authority. 

"The Deputy Minister can tell us about groups and action plans but what about the children of Wales?  What they need is action.  I urge the Minister to take that action."

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