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UKIP jump on “yet another bandwagon” with Severn Tolls pledge

UKIP have just “jumped on yet another bandwagon” by adopting the Welsh Liberal Democrat campaign to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls, the party has said today.

The Liberal Democrats launched their campaign to scrap the tolls in 2014, becoming the first party to make that pledge. It also featured in the party’s 2015 general election manifesto.


The Welsh Lib Dems hit out at Nigel Farage’s costings for scrapping the tolls, saying that reducing a one-off Welsh Government capital expenditure could not pay for an ongoing UK Government revenue expenditure.


Peter Black AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Finance Minister, said:


“I must admit that I was surprised to see Farage advocating the free movement of people over a national border. I look forward to the day when UKIP will stop demonizing migrants and start celebrating the positive contribution they make to our country.


“The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls for a long time, and we put it in our General Election manifesto. UKIP have come along and jumped on yet another bandwagon for an election that can’t even influence Severn Bridge toll prices.


“UKIP’s sums don’t even add up. The fact that Nigel Farage thinks that the bridges’ ongoing maintenance cost can be paid for by reducing the one-off cost of an M4 relief road is financially illiterate.


“Unfortunately for Nigel Farage though, scrapping the tolls probably won’t do much to help him to get to Welsh party conferences on time. He’ll still have immigrants to blame for that.”

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