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Tackling the housing crisis

This is an article for Seaside News

A month ago I outlined to a Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru conference Welsh Liberal Democrats plans to increase the current Housing budget of £35 million per year to £70 million per year in the next Assembly term so as to set a target of 20,000 new affordable homes over the same period.

This would be double the Labour Government’s target for the current term.

We would also make it a statutory requirement for the Welsh Government to set a target for new affordable homes at the beginning of each Assembly term and to report on progress annually.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the only party with the ambition to tackle Wales’ housing crisis.  We believe that every person should be able to provide a secure environment for their family.

Wales needs a government that will invest in a house building programme so everyone can have a roof over their heads.  Sadly, under the Labour Government in Wales, that ambition has been completely lacking.

For decades, successive Conservative and Labour governments have not built enough homes.  This has left us with a crippling undersupply of housing while demand for social housing has soared.  Welsh Liberal Democrats will address this imbalance.

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