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Queen’s Speech outlines right-wing agenda that offers no help for the poor

With the Queen’s Speech due to be debated in the Welsh Assembly tomorrow, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black says that it outlines a right-wing agenda that will do nothing to help those living in poverty

Mr Black said:

"It is barely six weeks since a new Tory government was elected to Westminster and already we are seeing the impact of a right-wing government free from Liberal Democrat restraint. Conservative plans to scrap the Human Rights Act, introduce a ‘Snooper’s Charter’ and laws on immigration, extremism and huge cuts to welfare make it crystal clear that this government will be less liberal and less compassionate than any in recent UK history.

"In government Liberal Democrats delivered the greatest reform of the pension system since its inception, cut taxes for the lowest paid, supported our poorest children to succeed at school, froze fuel duty, introduced shared parental leave and tax free childcare, delivered 2 million new apprenticeships, took action on child neglect, supported small businesses, passed law to protect our freedoms and secured the Wales Bill to lay the foundation for future devolution for Wales.

"These are successes that the Liberal Democrats are proud of, that helped put us back on track after the mess Labour left our country in.

"It is the Liberal Democrats that were the driving force behind devolution over the last five years, securing a referendum on further law making powers, the Silk Commission and the Wales Bill. Without Liberal Democrats in government, it is far from clear what the UK Government’s intentions are. Just last week it indicated that it would publish a mere draft Wales Bill in the autumn. That simply is not acceptable, especially after the Chancellor said we would see a Wales Bill within a hundred days.

"The Tory plans outlined in the Queen’s Speech do nothing to lift people out of poverty - they will only entrench the position of the poorest in society and drive a divisive wedge between communities. If this is an indication of what’s in store over the next five years then we have much to be fearful about."

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