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Proactive measures must be at the heart of tackling anti-social behaviour says Assembly Member

In a debate in the National Assembly on housing related anti-social behaviour, the Welsh Liberal Democratshighlighed the importance of early intervention, prevention and cooperation between agencies and called for the devolution of powers to more effectively tackle anti-social behaviour.

Commenting, the Welsh Liberal Democrats spokesperson for housing and social justice, said:


"Anti-social behaviour can have a severe impact on communities, and it is vital that we promote good practice in reducing its prevalence.

"It is welcome news that recorded crime is down over 10% since June 2010, which is the lowest level since records began over thirty years ago. However, there is still much work to be done as UK social landlords spent £325 million in 2011-12 on tackling anti-social behaviour, which is a vast sum that could be better spent elsewhere.

"Preventative measures, early intervention and cooperation between stakeholders, are key to addressing anti-social issues so that they are resolved quickly and effectively. More effort needs to be made to support landlords in adopting preventative and restorative methods and to encourage landlords to engage with police and community surgeries.

"It is also important that policing and youth justice are devolved, so that there can be a greater coordination between agencies such as the police, local authorities and health boards in addressing anti-social behaviour."

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