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Council’s Museum Sell-off Plans is an ‘unfunny farce’

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly member for South Wales West Peter Black has attacked Bridgend Council's plans to close down, and sell Porthcawl Museum as an act of cultural vandalism.


Mr Black's comments follow recent confirmation by the Council that Porthcawl Museum is to be shut, and the building sold to the highest bidder as early as this autumn following the failure of talks with Porthcawl Town Council that could have seen the 150 year old Museum's ownership transferred to them.

Mr Black said:-

"This is yet another example of the thinly-disguised contempt with which Bridgend Council treats Porthcawl. The Porthcawl Museum is the only county-run museum in the council's whole area, and is a vital component in explaining Porthcawl's past history to present and future generations.

"That the Council can so lightly brush aside 150 years of history when there was an alternative readily to hand speaks volumes for how they view local people.

"Porthcawl Town Council is ready to negotiate seriously, but Labour-run Bridgend are not. Bridgend Council's insistence that they wanted £150,000 for a Grade II listed building that they have neglected for years, and needs £250,000 of repairs as a consequence, isn't a negotiating position, but an unfunny farce.

"This cultural vandalism cannot continue. It's time for Bridgend Council to treat Porthcawl seriously for once, and return to the negotiating table with a reasonable offer."

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