How much will your school get thanks to the Welsh Lib Dems?

Even though we're not part of the Welsh Government, we've managed to secure our flagship Pupil Deprivation Grant to support pupils from deprived backgrounds with reading and numeracy skills. Read more

New ‘Rent to Own’ housing scheme launched

Today sees the launch of a new ‘Rent to Own’ scheme which will allow buyers to rent a home they can later purchase.

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An unacceptable response to homelessness

This is an article for the South Wales Evening Post

There has been a visible increase in the number of street homeless right across the UK over the last few years. The system is not coping with the number and the circumstances of the many individuals presenting themselves as without a home.

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Councillor calls on ruling Labour Group to abandon proposed charges for day care

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor, Peter Black has criticised the consultation process around proposals to introduce charges for day care in Swansea and called on the ruling Labour Group on the council to abandon their plans to penalise older people and younger adults in this way.

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Over 1000 homes left empty in Swansea for two years or more

New research by the Liberal Democrats has discovered that 168 homes in Swansea have been sitting empty for ten years or more. These are included in the total of 462 homes that have been left unused for five years, and the 1033 homes empty for two years or more.

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Local Government Bill - Welsh Lib Dems to make positive case for electoral reform

Welsh Government proposals to reform the electoral arrangements for local government are a necessary step forward in ensuring accountable and representative local government.

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Lib Dems want “immediate” start on Tidal Lagoon

In Wales today with Swansea West candidate Michael O’Carroll, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron announced that the Lib Dems would give the immediate go-ahead to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project and start plans for a programme of tidal lagoons, including at Cardiff, Colwyn Bay, and Newport, creating over 34,000 jobs in Wales alone and opportunities for hundreds of businesses in the supply chain

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Postgraduate student selected to fight Swansea East for the Liberal Democrats

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have selected postgraduate student Charley Hasted to fight the Swansea East constituency on 8th June.

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Local businessman and army reservist selected to fight Swansea West for the Liberal Democrats

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have selected Michael O’Carroll, to fight the Swansea West constituency on 8th June

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Teacher selected to fight Gower for the Liberal Democrats

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have selected Howard Evans, a local teacher to fight the Gower constituency on 8th June. Howard has fought the constituency before, for the Assembly in 1999.

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Voting reform an ‘integral part of delivering better public services and a fairer Wales

The Welsh Government have published proposals for Local Government reform, which includes taking steps towards voting reform through the Single Transferable Vote. 

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