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Fighting for Lucy’s Law

This is an article for the South Wales Evening Post

Recently, Swansea Council unanimously passed my motion calling on the Welsh Government to introduce ‘Lucy’s Law’ and became one of 15 Welsh councils calling for change.

Lucy’s Law calls for an immediate ban on the sale of puppies and kittens by pet shops and other third-party commercial breeders. This refers to sales for profit as part of a business, and targets those people who did not breed the dogs but act as ‘middlemen’ between the breeders and the buying public.

Puppy farming is effectively the battery farming of dogs. Animals are often kept in appalling conditions behind the doors of sheds, barns, caravans, and any number of inappropriate buildings across Wales. The dogs are treated like livestock rather than the domestic companion animals they are. They are often afforded less respect than the sheep, cattle or pigs on those same farms.

Puppies that are not sold are often killed by hitting them over the head or drowning them. Some have been sold to laboratories for experimentation, others end up in dog fighting rings. The indiscriminate breeding of dogs has led to an overpopulation crisis in the UK, with more dogs being surrendered to pounds and rescues than ever before.

Licensing these breeders has not worked. Local councils do not have the resources to check on the welfare of every animal and prevent harm from occurring to them. Stress, increased risk of disease, poor breeding practises and irresponsible selling tactics have all taken their toll.

Please contact your Assembly Member and ask them to introduce this law in Wales.

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