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Libraries closing mean communities losing out

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has asked the Minister for Culture and Sport to consider the bigger impact on communities of local libraries closing.

He told the Minister that the closure of libraries can often deprive a community of key services including access to the internet and the use of the building by community groups, including mother and toddler reading schemes..

Local Authorities have a statutory responsibility to ensure services are provided within a reasonable distance of people's homes but that is often being overlooked in planning cuts.

"Local libraries are being closed all across Wales for a wide-range of reasons, but mostly budget-related," said Mr. Black. "There needs to be better liaison between the Welsh Government and Councils to ensure that alternative facilities are put in place where that is necessary and appropriate.

"The Minister assured me he had written to Local Authorities, making clear their statutory duty but I am concerned that this will not be followed by action."

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