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As part of my commitment to more open democracy and increased representation, I hold regular E-consultation sessions with constituents.

The way it works is simple – from time to time I will send an e-mail to those who are willing to take part, asking their views on a particular issue. Topics will range from the local to the national, and those who want more detail on the issue in question will be referred to websites where there is balanced information on each side of the argument. Constituents are then invited to vote on the issue, usually with a simple yes/no answer. Those who wish to are also invited to give reasons for their decision. There is no obligation to answer any particular question and you can opt out at any time.

You can ask to stop receiving such messages at any time and I welcome feedback on frequency and content.

I hope you will be interested in taking part in this experiment in using technology to make democracy more effective.

To join our e-consultation list send an email to me with ‘E-Consultation Sign-up’ in the subject line at


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