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Don't Cut Port Talbot In Half


Under the current Boundary Review proposals for Westminster MP’s constituencies, our town of Port Talbot would be cut in half between two constituencies. This would leave us split into two areas on the fringes of different constituencies, with MPs mainly based in Neath and Ogmore. Each half of Port Talbot would make up less than a quarter of the constituency of an MP based some distance away. We believe that this would be bad for our community, and bad for democratic representation for the people of Port Talbot.




We believe that keeping a cohesive community like Port Talbot together within one constituency, all with the same MP, should be a top priority.


All political parties have now had their opportunity to present alternative proposals to the review team. Only the Welsh Liberal Democrats included proposals to stop Port Talbot from being chopped down the middle.


Click here to see more details of our proposals


Please support us in sending a strong message that our community wants to stick together. Help us to stop them from cutting Port Talbot in half.


I support the plan to stop Port Talbot being cut in half.

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