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Cuts to local further education colleges will undermine skills agenda

This is an article for Seaside News

Recent announcements of severe cuts to courses and compulsory redundancies for staff in further education colleges will undermine the Welsh Government’s own skills agenda and leave many people with fewer employment options

Bridgend College has recently announced that it has a shortfall of £3 million next year, which could mean staff redundancies and the loss of courses. They are working to minimise the impact of the loss of income.


The Welsh Government  decision to slash funding for FE College part-time courses across Wales by 50% cannot help but have a negative impact upon skills provision and therefore upon local businesses.


Employers are looking for a skilled and work-ready workforce. That is something that Further Education can provide. These Welsh Government cuts are hitting a sector that is doing the most to enable people in work to increase their skills, and to enable people seeking to return to work to obtain the up-to-date knowledge they need to get a job.


The economic well-being of our area depends upon life-long learning. Our FE Colleges are major providers of this learning to young and old alike. Cutting the funding for part-time courses, and the talented and dedicated workers who provide them makes no sense.

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