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Bridgend Labour Council’s recycling rates fall again

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member has hit out at Labour-run Bridgend Council following yet another fall in the local authority’s recycling rates.

In the final quarter of 2014, Bridgend reused, recycled or composted just 49% of its municipal waste – a fall of 6 percentage points on the same quarter of 2013. This is despite a 1% fall in the amount of waste produced by Bridgend residents, from 15.400 tonnes in October-December 2013 to 15,200 in the same period of 2014.


The Welsh Government have said that every local authority should reach recycling rates of 58% by the end of 2015, or face a £100,000 fine for every 1% under that target. Based on current levels, Bridgend Council will be facing a fine of around £900,000 unless rates improve.


Peter Black, said:


“When across Wales recycling rates are on the up, and less waste is being produced by Bridgend residents, there is absolutely no excuse for recycling rates to be decreasing. Yet these latest figures show that this Labour-run Council is failing to hit its targets.


“The Welsh Government’s fines for failing to meet recycling targets are looming, and it looks like all Bridgend Labour can do now is minimise the size of the fine they’ll have to pay. This is a sorry situation to find the County Borough in. This shocking mismanagement is costing local residents dear.”


“With other urban councils like Swansea increasing their recycling rates over the past year, I really can’t see where else Bridgend’s Labour administration can point the finger aside from at themselves.”

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