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Astonishing figures reveal thousands left waiting over 10 years on housing lists

At least 2,096 people in Wales have been on a housing waiting list for over ten years, figures published by the Welsh Liberal Democrats reveal today.

The figures, which were uncovered via Freedom of Information requests, also show that a staggering 8,596 people have been waiting over five years for a house.Cardiff Council had the highest number of people waiting over five years or over, with 1,297 people waiting over that time.

Caerphilly Council, with 375 people waiting over ten years, had the highest number of people waiting over a decade. Figures for each local authority can be found below.

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“These figures are a stark reminder just how bad the housing shortage is here in Wales.  Fifteen years of Welsh Labour in Government has led to literally thousands of people waiting over a decade for a home.

“It is simply unacceptable that so many people here in Wales have had to put their life on hold until a home is available to them.

“Due to major failings with our NHS and our schools, it often goes unnoticed quite how badly Labour has let people down with regards to housing.  Over a decade of inaction has led to an acute housing shortage.

“For too long the Welsh Labour Government has taken a haphazard approach to housing targets.  The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe the Government’s Housing Act should have included a statutory duty for Government Ministers to set termly targets for the supply of new affordable homes.  After each Assembly election, a new target must be set, with a duty to review it and report back annually.  This issue is so important that these targets should be enshrined in law. 

“Many of us are aware of derelict and empty homes in or near our neighbourhood.  Not only are they a blight on our communities, but they also, frankly, are a waste of living space.  It’s time the Welsh Government developed an empty homes strategy so we can finally put these buildings back into use.”


FOIs available on request

Information received from FOI requests of each local authority:


                                    184 Five Years+

                                    15 Ten Years+

Blaenau Gwent:     

                                    286 Five Years+

                                    77 Ten Years+


                                    262 Five Years+

                                    55 Ten Years+


                                    922 Five Years+

                                    375 Ten years+


                                    1297 Five Years+

                                    143 Ten Years+



                                    764 Five years+

                                    Figures not available for Ten Years+


                                    164 Five Years+

                                    50 Ten Years+


                                    105 Five years+

                                    No one waiting longer than ten years


                                    206 Five Years+

                                    92 Ten Years+


                                    627 Five Years+

                                    130 Ten Years+


                                    499 Five Years+

                                    164 Ten Years+


                                    151 Five Years+

                                    30 Ten years+


                                    80 Five Years+

                                    33 Ten Years+


Neath Port Talbot**:      

                                    242 Five Years+

                                    Figure not available for Ten Years


                                    780 Five Years+

                                    329 Ten Years+


                                    579 Five Years+

                                    131 Ten years +


                                    194 Five Years+

                                    11 Ten Years+


                                    84 Five Years+

                                    22 Ten Years+


                                    527 Five Years+

                                    160 Ten Years+


                                    455 Five Years+

                                    159 Ten Years+

Vale of Glamorgan:   

                                    13 Five Years+

                                    6 Ten Years+


                                    175 Five Years+

                                    114 Ten Years+

*Monmouthshire statistics provided by Monmouthshire Housing Association, other statistics provided by local councils

** Neath Port Talbot figures date from December 2013 and are taken from the survey of local authorities by the Assembly’s research service.

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