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Assembly Member welcomes deal to secure the future of elite swimming in Swansea

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has welcomed a deal that could secure the future of elite swimming at Swansea's National Pool.

Mr. Black who has taken this issue up with the Sports Minister in the Welsh Government in the past, is delighted that British Swimming and Sports Wales have agreed to make the investment that could see top coaches Bud McAllister and Billy Pye and star swimmers such as Jazz Carlin remain at the Swansea facility beyond the Commonwealth Games.

According to the BBC British Swimming will make a direct investment into Swim Wales, which is the governing body in Wales, rather than investing into the Swansea facility itself, although that amount will be less than it previously put in. They say that whilst the exact figures are still to be revealed, it is understood Sport Wales will also be making a substantial investment and providing sports science and medical support. Swim Wales will end up with control over elite training and will also be able to work on the development of the next generation of Welsh swimmers.

"There are of course caveats to this deal," said Mr. Black, "namely that to secure funding past the Commonwealth targets set by Sports Wales and British Swimming will need to be met. However, it is enormously encouraging that the various governing bodies see a future for elite swimming in Swansea and are prepared to invest in it.

"I hope now that all the parties can work together to keep elite swimming in Swansea for the foreseeable future and that the Welsh Government, who have largely sat out this controversy, can also take a more active part in securing the future of our National Pool."

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