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Assembly Member urges support for Family and Childcare Trust Parents’ Week

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black is urging parents,childcare providers, and employers to sign up for the Family and Childcare Trust Parents' Week which will take place nationwide from the 21st to the 27th October.

The theme for this year's Parents' Week is 'Make One Change'. As the name suggests, it is about making just one change to improve the quality of family life.

Mr Black said:-

"It is clear that good parenting is vital for the present and future health of our local communities, and of society as a whole; let alone for children themselves. However, such is the pace at which people live their lives these days that many families find it hard to make the changes needed to improve their quality of life.

"That is why I am urging parents, employers and childcare providers alike to get involved with Parents' Week this October, and make just one change which will improve the quality of life for their families, or for all families with whom they are involved.

"Making changes needn't be complicated. For instance, parents could decide to read more regularly to their children, or eat together as a family more often, or employers could decide to actively promote more flexitime working.

"The Family and Childcare Trust provide a full set of resources so that people can tell others what they are doing, including ideas for things to do, plus a Change Board so that those taking part can post up what is being planned. All this can be found via their website at

"Please get involved if you can. Our children deserve no less."


Note for Editors

Parents' Week has been running for ten years, and has a track record in getting people to join across the UK. In last year's Parents' Week over 15000 families signed up to spending more quality time together

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