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Assembly Member urges people to complain when home care goes wrong

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black is encouraging people who have council specified home care services in the region to be more prepared to speak out when they feel things are going wrong.

Mr Black's remarks come after his recent visit to Age Cymru Swansea Bay to hear more about their 'Make a Fuss' campaign which is aimed at helping those who get care at home, their families, and those who give care, to understand how to complain if needed.

Mr Black said:-

"One of the marks of a civilized society is how it treats the old, the vulnerable, the sick, and the frail. "Most people agree that it is far better for older people to be in their own homes, surrounded by friends and family, and their own precious things, for as long as possible.

"When asked, many older people feel this way too. For many, however, that will only be possible if they are able to access proper support from home carers. "It is here that problems can arise. With falling budgets, and rising numbers of us living longer - a good thing - some people are finding that their care packages are now being cut or don't suit their needs any more, and some carers are unhappy with the reduced level of care that they are being asked to give.

"That is why Age Cymru Swansea Bay launched their confidential 'Make a Fuss' campaign in Swansea so that if things do go wrong, older people or their families know they have a right to complain, and how to go about it. Also, carers who are worried about the quality of care they are asked to provide are able to use the campaign to flag that up.

"Outside Swansea, any complaints or requests for new assessments should go to the adult social services department of the local council. "I would urge anybody who is worried about the care they are getting, or giving, to get in touch."

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