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Assembly Member urges measure to reduce the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West Peter Black is urging the Welsh Government to include provisions for fitting carbon monoxide alarms in Welsh homes in the upcoming Housing Bill.

Mr. Black has written to the Housing Minister suggesting that the his Bill makes the installation of CO detectors mandatory in all new homes, in social housing, and when any appliance that might produce the gas is installed in existing homes.

Mr Black said: "I met yesterday with the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group Barry Sheerman MP to discuss this proposal.

"Carbon Monoxide poisoning causes 50 deaths, 200 serious injuries and 4,000 minor injuries a year, costing the health service in England and Wales £178 million annually in medical and care costs not to mention the degree of suffering and grief caused to victims and the families of those who die.

"Any new solid fuel appliance must come with a Carbon Monoxide detector but that does not apply to other fuel types at present.

"A change in the regulations to require that the mandatory installation of a detector with all at-risk appliances, and a programme of installing hard-wire detectors in all social housing in Wales could make a big difference and save lives.

"Here in Wales, we have smoke detectors fitted as standard in many of our houses, and a law requiring sprinklers in new build accommodation.

"A further statutory provision requiring much cheaper Carbon Monoxide detectors to be fitted would seem a logical next step towards ensuring improved safety in homes throughout Wales."

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