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Assembly Member says cabinet member is mistaken on Parkland’s Primary School playing field

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black, who is backing parents in their campaign to retain playing fields at Parkland’s Primary School, has accused the Education Cabinet Member of making misleading statements on the proposed sale of the land

Mr. Black visited the school to see the situation for himself just before Christmas and says he is astonished by the reported comments of the council’s education cabinet member that the land is surplus to requirements and that it does not include a playing field.


“It was clear to me that the land subject of the proposed sale was integral to the life of the school and is no way surplus to requirements,” said Mr. Black. “If the cabinet member is now saying that it is not a playing field and that the school does not need the land then in my view she must have had her eyes closed when she visited the school herself.


“The loss of this land will cause huge problems for the management of the school and will put it in breach of Assembly guidelines on the amount of open space pupils should have access to.


“I support the sale of surplus land to raise money for school improvements but I am clear that this land is not surplus and should not therefore fall into that category. I urge the council to think again.”

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