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Assembly Member regrets closure of Swansea tax office

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black, has hit out at HMRC and the UK Government over their proposal to close the Swansea tax office and move its operations to Cardiff.

“This decision will mean a very bleak Christmas for the 300 staff and their families based in the Swansea office as they ponder their future,” he said. “It will also mean a worse service for local people as face-to-face contact with HMRC will disappear altogether.


“The concentration of HMRC in larger regional centres will also impact on customer service. We already have complaints that millions of letters sent to HMRC by Britons concerned about their tax affairs are going unanswered for more than three weeks. Reduced staff numbers based in fewer offices are not the way to turn that performance around. Instead it will just pile pressure on staff and add to their workloads.


HMRC need to rethink this proposal.”


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