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Assembly Member raises concern about waiting times at Morriston Hospital A&E in Senedd

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has raised his concern about the time that patients are waiting to be seen at Morriston Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Mr. Black was speaking in the Assembly Chamber on an urgent question regarding the very sad death of Mrs Sonia Powell, whilst waiting in an ambulance outside the Hospital.

Whilst offering his condolences to the family of Mrs Powell, Mr. Black told the Health Minister of reports in the local media that patients at Morriston’s emergency department are facing longer waits than anywhere else in South Wales.

"I have seen reports," he told the Minister, "that only 77% of patients were seen within the target 4 hours in August, whilst 115 patients had to wait more than 12 hours to receive the care they needed, despite less patients presenting at the A&E. The target is 95% seen within four hours. This on top of stories care they needed." 

Mr. Black added afterwards: "I am concerned that I am getting regular reports of ambulance queuing to access Morriston A&E. That is why I pressed the Minister on what assurances he is seeking from ABMU as to how they are addressing this situation.

"Morriston is a major accident and emergency centre serving a wide area. It is important that those who use it are dealt with quickly and effectively, without unnecessary delays."

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