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Assembly Member hits out at Swansea Council’s shambolic handling of cuts to key education service

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has hit out at Swansea Council’s handling of planned cuts to the City’s Education Other than School Service after two-day strike started today in a row over cuts to the city's education budget.

Mr. Black was speaking after teaching staff who work with pupils who are not in mainstream schools, claimed that Swansea Council's proposal to slash £670,000 from the Education Other than at School's £3.3million budget will leave many vulnerable children at risk of losing out on an acceptable education.

The service covers pupil referral units for children who have been excluded from mainstream primary and secondary schools as well as home tuition and helps many young people carry on their learning.

Mr. Black said “The Council seems to have told staff in special units that the service will be stopped in September whilst telling the Evening Post that no decision has been made. Parents are also under the impression that their children will no longer have specialist support at the start of the next academic year. Information is scare and the council’s communication with those affected and the way that have handled this issue is shambolic.

“I have written to the Council to seek some clarity on what is happening to this service and some reassurance for parents and teachers as to what will happen next academic year.”

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