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Assembly Member challenges Nigel Farage to use his Swansea visit to publish his expenses

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member, Peter Black has called on the UKIP leader to use his visit to Swansea tomorrow to clarify his own expenses by publishing a full set of accounts.

The UKIP leader recently performed a major u-turn on his offer to allow an independent audit of his spending of European parliamentary allowances. He said: "I don't think the general public are that interested in whether I've strictly observed the rules". This is despite the majority of British MEPs publishing independently audited accountsof their expenses.

Peter Black AM has also accused UKIP of treating Wales and devolution as an 'inconvenience' and of being willing to put Welsh jobs at risk. Around 160,000 jobs in Wales are reliant on UK trade within the EU's single market. That's more than 1 in every 10 jobs in Wales. 500 firms from other member states are based in Wales, providing more than 59,000 jobs.

Peter Black, Assembly Member for South Wales West, said:

"Nigel Farage refuses to account for many tens of thousands of pounds of public money given to him for office expenses over the years. Like the overwhelming majority of British MEPs, he should make it crystal clear how he spends this money.

"The fact is that Wales is an inconvenience for a party like UKIP. They have no policies for Wales. We are none the wiser on how they would improve Wales' health service and our struggling schools. All we know is that they would happily risk Welsh jobs just to take us out of the EU. We can't let that happen.

"A vote for UKIP is the surest way to jeopardise jobs and risk our fragile economic recovery. Nigel Farage needs to explain how he would replace the jobs lost through the UK leaving the European Union. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will fight to defend these jobs and ensure that Wales has a stronger economy and a fairer society.

"The election on the 22 May is about one thing: do you think Britain is better off in the EU, or do you think we should be out? Liberal Democrats aren't afraidto speak up. We are Britain's party of IN and we are standing up for a stronger in Europe".

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