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Assembly Member calls on First Minister to legislate to stop Elba rents scandal from happening elsewhere

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has called on the First Minister to take action to protect leaseholders elsewhere in Wales from falling victim to the sort of rent review clauses in their leases that have hit residents of the Elba Works estate in Gowerton.

Speaking in the Senedd today, Mr. Black said that the

huge rent increases being imposed on leaseholders in Gowerton by Swansea Council, from £50 a year to over £3,000 in some cases, should not be repeated elsewhere.

"I recognise that the rent rises for Gowerton residents being set by Swansea Council need to be resolved locally, but at the same time their plight highlights many problems with leasehold properties. There is a real danger that these issues could arise elsewhere. Accordingly, I asked the First Minister today to review the law around residential leases with a view to including any reforms in the renting homes bill due early next year

"I will continue to press this point to get some clarity on the government's position and protection for other leaseholders who may find themselves in a similar position to those in Gowerton."

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