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Assembly Member calls on First Minister take the lead and galvanise UK nations for back-up bid if Qatar lose host status for 2022 World cup

The Welsh Liberal Democrats spokesperson on sport, Peter Black has called on the First Minister to show some leadership and work with other nations within the UK to put together a stop-gap bid to host the 2022 World Cup, if Qatar loses its status as host because of corruption allegations and recent revelations that it may be vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Speaking in the Senedd today, Mr. Black said that there was a real possibility that FIFA will be forced to reconsider its position regarding Qatar hosting the 2022 and that this offers an opportunity for the UK to step into the breach.

"Across the whole of the UK we have enough stadiums of a sufficient standard to be able to step up to the mark quickly if required," said Mr. Black. "A back-up bid should not therefore be expensive but it could bring huge benefits to the UK and to Wales in particular."

"It is important though that we are prepared for a possible change of mind by FIFA, so clearly there needs to be discussion about a back-up bid now. I accept that we are a small country when compared to the English FA but that should not stop our First Minister taking the initiative at a political level in bringing parties together to make the necessary preparations.

"I was disappointed therefore at Carwyn Jones' negative response to my suggestion and would ask him to reconsider it."

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