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Assembly Member adds his opposition to closure of Pennard Library

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has added his voice to those calling on Swansea Council to rethink their plans to close Pennard Library.

Mr. Black has written to the Council asking them to explain the rationale behind the decision to close a well-used facility serving a large rural area.

"The loss of a library is always to be regretted," said Mr. Black, "but in this case that loss is made sharper by the fact that there is no alternative facility for many miles and no other library on the Gower peninsular.

"Nowadays libraries are about far more than books. They also provide a range of other services including internet access for those who cannot afford it at home. With so many services now only available on-line that will leave a big gap for the communities served by this library.

"I feel strongly that Swansea Council needs to think again and keep this library open."

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