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AM calls on Council to regularise parking signs after fine is refunded

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Peter Black has called on the Council to regularise signage on the loading bay in front of Swansea Museum in Burrows Place after one of his constituents was refunded her fine because they are not readable in darkness.

Mr. Black queried a fine received by his constituent, Laura Picand of Penfilia Road, Brynhyfryd, when she was booked for parking in the loading bay one evening in December last year. He argued that the only sign indicating the area is a loading bay is difficult to see and is unreadable in the dark. After some argument the Council conceded the point, cancelled her ticket and refunded the money to Ms. Picand.

The Council agreed that there was a risk that the parking restrictions will not be clear to motorists during the hours of darkness. Mr. Black believes that it is likely that any other motorist who has been fined for parking in this bay after dark might also be entitled to a refund as well.

Commenting, Mr. Black said: "I am very pleased that the Council have seen sense and given my constituent her money back. The restrictions weren’t clear and it was not obvious to her that she was not allowed to park there. I’m sure that many other people have been issued with tickets at the same location who were also unaware. The Council have agreed to cancel any other tickets issued at this location in darkness hours.

I would urge all motorists who have been booked in this parking bay to contact the Council as soon as possible to claim their refund."

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