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Action needed on the Tidal Lagoon

Fears for the proposed tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay are growing following a one year delay in the project and near-total silence from UK Government Ministers.

The tidal lagoon will create and support thousands of jobs in the Swansea Bay area, as well as make Wales a world leader in this exciting new green technology. The opportunity here is immense – that’s why the Liberal Democrats spent so long in Government ensuring that this scheme would become a reality.

There has also been very little support for other new renewable technologies, a key focus of the Liberal Democrats during their time in Government.

In government, the Liberal Democrats set up the World’s first Green Investment Bank and low-carbon energy market, helping to almost treble renewable electricity generation in the UK from 6.5% in 2010 to 17.8% in 2014, and making the UK the world leader in offshore wind and tidal power.

The Tory UK Government is stifling the renewables sector and threatening jobs. They are jeopardising the green energy sector’s future in the UK.

In just a few months they have:

  • ended tax breaks for clean cars;
  • abandoned zero carbon housing targets; 
  • announced plans to privatise the Green Investment Bank; 
  • removed the Climate Change Levy exemption for companies that source renewable energy; and
  • scrapped subsidies for onshore wind and solar, the two cheapest forms of clean energy that help produce 5% of the UK’s total electricity.

It is not just the future of the Swansea economy that is at stake, but the future of our planet.

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