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A record number of new homes promised by Welsh Lib Dems

The Welsh Liberal Democrats would deliver a record number of affordable homes, Peter Black has announced today in Port Talbot

The Welsh Government’s Main Current Programme Allocation for new housing within the Social Housing Grant budget is £35million per year. The Welsh Liberal Democrats would double this to £70m per year in the next Assembly term.

The Welsh Government’s target for the 2011-2016 Assembly term was to build 10,000 new affordable homes between 2011-2016. The Welsh Liberal Democrats would double this target for the next Assembly term.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Green Park building site in Port Talbot, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for South West Wales said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will oversee a house building revolution by building 20,000 new affordable homes.

“People need a government with ambition, yet figures show that the number of homes started to be built by Labour has dropped. Such a poverty of ambition is unacceptable.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that every person should be able to provide a secure environment for their family. That is why we will double Labour’s unambitious house building target.

“We have consistently been the party that has put housing on the political agenda. We will match these words with action by building a record number of affordable homes to ensure a Wales that works for you”.

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